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Momentum 9 - Alienation


The ninth edition of the Momentum Biennial takes the notion of alienation as its starting point. By alienation the curators refer to a contemporary world where alien processes and entities are becoming an integrated part of our lives through technological, ecological and social transformations. We encounter and engage with the alien every day. Alienation is our contemporary condition. While more information and modes of communication are available to us than ever before, it is not easier to make a sense of the whole. M9 addresses this confusion and insists on searching for new tools for greater understanding of human condition through cross-pollination of methods, categories and disciplines.


The creative practices featured in M9 reflect an expanded transdisciplinary exploration. The practices will address alienation focusing on the following three areas: 1) Bodies, Objects and Technologies, 2) Ecology, and 3) Structures and Societies.

The three areas are conceived as overlapping and interconnected and manifest through the individual works and through the multiple connections these works create. The biennial addresses topical concerns of cultural and geographical borders, biopolitics and social inequality. The works featured in the biennial resonate with both local context of Moss and furthermore branch out to instigate and participate in broader discussions.


With alienation as its theme M9 will present diverse and conflicted ways of experiencing, explaining and imagining the world anew. Alienation represents a potential to expand the horizons of our current lives, to think and act progressively and usher in change. Thus M9 wants to welcome the alien, also the alien in us, without preconceptions of familiar and foreign. It wants to welcome the alien as a challenge to the present as well as a promise of better, extraordinary futures.

Contributors: Abigail deVille (US), Atelier Cyberspace (Denmark), Búi Aðalsteinsson (Iceland), H.R. Giger (Switzerland), Johannes Heldén (Sweden), John Duncan (US), Jone Kvie (Norway), Jussi Kivi (Finland), Jenna Sutela (Finland), Kapwani Kiwanga (Canada), Kjersti Vetterstad (Norway), Levi van Veluw (Netherlands), Linda Persson (Sweden), Mediated Matter (US), Museum of Nonhumanity (Finland), Olga Bergmann & Anna Hallin (Iceland), Patricia Piccinini (Australia), Patrick Jackson (US), Pinar Yoldas (Turkey), Public Dreaming (New Zealand), Ragnar Þórisson (Iceland), Rana Hamadeh (Lebanon), Rolf Nowotny (Denmark), Serina Erfjord (Norway), Sonja Bäumel (Austria), Stathis Tsemberlidis (Greece), Third Ear (Denmark/US), Trollkrem (Norway), Tuomas Kortteinen & Heikki Lotvonen (Finland), Wael Shawky (Egypt), Ylva Westerlund (Sweden)


Ulrika Flink (SE), Ilari Laamanen (FI), Jacob Lillemose (DK), Gunhild Moe (NO), Jón B.K Ransu (IS)


Punkt Ø, Director Dag Aak Sveinar

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